Trust Nothing.
Verify Everything.

The dWallet Network introduces Zero Trust Protocols (ZTPs), operating natively across different networks without bridging or wrapping.

Zero Trust + Web3

dWallet Network is the home of dWallets - programmable and transferable signing mechanisms that live on-chain.

dWallets empower builders on L1s and L2s to create ZTPs that manage assets & enforce logic across all of Web3 in a Zero Trust architecture, without bridging, wrapping or honeypots.

A Zero Trust multi-chain design

Assets on Web3 are secured by their native chain, in a Zero Trust environment. For interoperability, bridges and cross-chain messaging adopted Castle-and-Moat security designs, where native assets are represented on other chains.

The dWallet Network allows builders to create ZTPs - interoperable solutions with a Zero Trust design - that control assets on their native chains across all of Web3.

Back to Web3 fundamentals

Web3 builders today must resort to Castle-and-Moat solutions like bridging and wrapping if they want to operate across different blockchains. Protocols can only remain Zero Trust if they interact with native assets.

A ZTP powered by the dWallet Network utilizes the 2PC-MPC algorithm, in which both the user and a massively decentralized network are required to generate a signature, to interact with any asset without bridging or wrapping.

Zero Trust Protocols Across Web3

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dWallets enable native interoperability by generating ECDSA, EdDSA or Schnorr signatures, supporting practically any Web3 network.

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The dWallet Network uses state proofs to expand the functionality of L1s / L2s, so Web3 builders can use dWallets to create ZTPs on other networks.

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With our 2PC-MPC algorithm, dWallets can't generate a signature without the user, allowing Zero Trust architecture to be implemented across Web3 .

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The dWallet Network, and our 2PC-MPC algorithm, support a setup of hundreds or even thousands of nodes, upholding another core Web3 principle.

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MPC Cryptography

dWallets are cryptographically secure, with our 2PC-MPC algorithm redefining the state of the art in Secure Multi Party Computation (MPC).

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The dWallet Network is a security-first network, with the ambitious vision of serving as a universal access control layer and securing all assets on Web3.