dWallet Network and Espresso Partner to Explore Pricing and Transfer of Rollup Economies

dWallet Network and Espresso Partner to Explore Pricing and Transfer of Rollup Economies

June 6, 2024

dWallet Network, a trailblazer in decentralized, native multi-chain technology, and Espresso, an innovative sequencing marketplace and fast finality layer, are excited to announce their strategic partnership. This collaboration leverages dWallet’s Zero Trust framework and Espresso’s marketplace to enable auctioning of sequencing time slots and, ultimately, the possibility of transferring control of entire rollups.

dWallet Network introduces dWallets - a new fundamental building block that enables ZTPs - Zero Trust Protocols that can operate across different networks without requiring bridges, employing a Zero Trust architecture. To do that, dWallets use cryptographic signatures, traditionally the default way to authenticate to blockchain networks, making a dWallet-generated signature indistinguishable from a regular user’s signature from a network perspective. This unique capability extends to addresses that control smart contracts, and dWallet’s Zero Trust architecture means that a rollup owner may, for the first time, securely transfer ownership of their rollup via the Espresso marketplace.

dWallet Network is working with Espresso, known for its sequencing marketplace, to explore enabling a Zero Trust Protocol (ZTP) powered by dWallets in its marketplace, that transfers control of entire rollups. This would be done by transferring the ownership of the address that controls the rollup’s smart contract, a capability unique to dWallets. This will be the first of its kind auctioning mechanism and will allow the market to efficiently price the value of an entire rollup economy.

The Espresso marketplace connects buyers (sequencers) with sellers (rollups). A rollup might sell their sequencing rights for a variety of reasons, e.g. to outsource sequencing, or to accrue more value than they would otherwise (sequencing exclusively on their own). Rollups can choose to sell sequencing rights on a per slot basis, by setting a minimum reserve price. If the reserve price is not met, rollups sequence for themselves (default). Rollups may additionally choose to sell their entire sequencing rights in the marketplace. This may be made possible by an integration of a Zero Trust Protocol (ZTP) powered by dWallets with the Espresso Marketplace. This would be the first of its kind auctioning mechanism and will allow the market to efficiently price the value of an entire rollup.

Espresso is leading a revolutionary approach with its marketplace sequencing rights as a financial activity that benefits from an efficient market price discovery and makes the entire rollup space better and more stable. Pricing an entire rollup under market conditions and enabling ownership transfer is a significant aspect, driven by the same motivation. Imagine different communities, potentially organized by DAOs, evolving and transforming over time. They could establish sophisticated ownership structures around rollups, similar to corporate structures like parent and subsidiary organizations. We are only in the early stages of the rollup space, so introducing more mechanisms to enhance market efficiency and foster evolution is crucial for exploring its full potential.

Omer Sadika, Co-Founder of dWallet Network, stated:We are thrilled to partner with Espresso to enable this unique ZTP on their platform. This partnership will add new capabilities and optionality to the Espresso marketplace, both in auctioning sequencing time slots - but more importantly by enabling the unprecedented ability to sell an entire rollup, paving the way for a more efficient market in the modular blockchain space."

Integration Details:

  • Auctioning sequencing Time Slots: By utilizing dWallet’s Zero Trust framework, Espresso can securely auction time slots for sequencing of any rollup, opening up their marketplace to any rollup, even one that isn’t part of the Espresso ecosystem. The rollup smart contract would be controlled by a dWallet, with access control allowing a sequencer to manage sequencing rights for a rollup. \
  • Rollup Sales: The integration will enable rollups to sell sequencing rights, leveraging the dWallet transferability and benefiting from dWallet Network’s Zero Trust architecture.

Benedikt Bünz,  Chief Scientist of Espresso, commented: “Espresso’s marketplace and dWallet’s Zero Trust Protocol are a perfect match, which makes me very excited about our partnership. Espresso’s marketplace enables rollups to sell their sequencing rights. dWallet’s ZTP could enable an even broader vision wherein an entire rollup can be priced and transferred. We are excited to collaborate with dWallet to explore our shared  vision of creating a better and more secure modular blockchain ecosystem.”

The strategic alliance between Espresso and dWallet Network marks a significant milestone, promising to bring innovative solutions to the rollup space. As this partnership unfolds, it is set to catalyze innovation and accelerate adoption, opening new avenues for developers, creating a more democratic and efficient ecosystem and providing users with richer, more diverse blockchain experiences.

About dWallet Network:
dWallet Network enables Zero Trust Protocols (ZTPs) that maintain native Zero Trust security while operating across different networks. ZTPs powered by dWallet Network can swap, borrow against or stake native BTC (or any other native asset), bringing programmable native BTC to L1s/L2s, without bridging or wrapping.

About Espresso:
Espresso is designed to offer rollups a means of achieving credible neutrality, enhanced interoperability, & long-term alignment with Ethereum. It offers shared sequencing marketplace and finality gadget connecting layer-2 scaling solutions.

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